8 things that you should not do in a restaurant

Sometimes you need to remind people on certain habits or things that a large chunk of human population still do. This should be common knowledge but apparently not. So here are 8 things you shouldn’t do in a restaurant.

1. Never whistle or snap at your server.

As a former this is annoying as ***. Never ever do it whistle at your server. You can be polite and put your hand gently up in the air.

2. Don’t put a “rush” on your order.

We’re working as fast as we can. Your rush just got put furthers back in the queue.

3. Don’t hang around after paying. you’re most likely throwing off the entire reservation in the process.

This is fine if you keep ordering drinks and the place isn’t full. But get the f* out of here when you’re done.

4. Please don’t blow your nose into the cloth napkin. That’s just gross. At least throw in in the trash.

Some things are just meant to be done in private.

5. If you take a bite or two of your food and don’t like it, politely tell the server (along with the reason why you don’t like it). Don’t eat half of your food before sending it back. They perceive you that you are trying to eat a free meal.

Prompt us with the problem when you first notice it and we’ll happily help you to a better meal.

6. Wiping hands on the tablecloth. it would be to the people around you.

Kind of gross, and we have to put on a new cloth.

7. Asking for a toothpick and removing food from your teeth at the table. That’s awkward.

See point 4. Same rules apply.

8. Don’t leave without leaving a tip. Pay for their service. They will be happy your small tip.

Well we worked for you, we need that tip.

Do you have any more things that shouldn’t be happening in a restaurant? Drop a comment below.

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