Why kevlar is better against bullets than steel

There are two ways to stop a moving object: you either have something hard and heavy enough to stop it over a short distance, or you have something flexible with high tensile strength that “catches” it and slows it down over a longer distance. In the case of the hard and heavy, this is what […]

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The Ultimate Secret To Sucess

The ultimate 8 secrets of success

Here’s a great list of rules to live by to build your life. Something that both Brian Tracy and Thomas Edison have lived by. So this is something you can implement right away and start having success in your life. 1. Take 100% Responsibility for Your Life In a society where people blame everything from their parents […]

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Why is it children’s shampoo is “tear free” while regular shampoo burns like all hell in the eyes?

Why children’s shampoo is “tear free” while regular shampoo burns like all hell in the eyes

Soap is a chemical with a long, and kind of clever, molecule. One end of the molecule attracts water. The other end attracts dirt, particularly oily dirt. So when you wash stuff, the oily-liking end sticks in the oily dirt and the other end gets stuck in water… and so the oily dirt gets pulled […]

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8 things that you should not do in a restaurant

This should be common knowledge but apparently not. So here are 8 things you shouldn’t do in a restaurant.

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How cold the water that Leonardo DiCaprio was in during the filming of his final scene in Titanic

Apparently Director James Cameron offered DiCaprio a choice: filming in ice-cold water (that’s not an exaggeration, as it implied adding HUGE amounts of ice to it) or using computer-generated images – CGI – for his breath, which was supposed to condense in front of him. At first, DiCaprio chose to soldier on and film in […]

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Why Robert Downey Jr. doesn’t get burned alive for doing “blackface” in the film Tropic Thunder

Most answers acknowledge that the use of blackface in the movie has a self commenting and satirical nature to it, as evidenced by the context in which the acting unfolds: The person in question is a deep method actor and his use of blackface is the ultimate extreme to which he goes in his misled […]

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